Radiant heaters

maximum efficiency direct heating

Gas fired tube heaters offer maximum efficiency from lightweight radiant heating tubes, providing direct heat and warmth in a multitude of industrial, commercial and retail applications.

Radiant heaters use the same method of heating objects as the sun – infra-red energy, which is converted into heat when it is absorbed by objects, rather than the heating the air between them. This results in effective performance.

Because the energy is only turned into heat as it comes into contact with solid objects, this heating technology can be used either indoors where building insulation would normally be a problem, or outdoors where localised people heating is desired. In this instance the heat provided is highly efficient as very little is lost into the atmosphere, unlike other methods of heating.


  • Highly efficient
    Warm air heating is one of the efficient ways of heating an industrial building.
  • Instant heat
    No need for expensive pre-heating, these heaters give heat instantly, cutting the cost of heating intermittently used areas.
  • Low running costs
    Because only the intended occupants are heated, not the air around them, you only pay for the heat you really need, rather than a whole area, or the atmosphere.
  • Silent running
    With no moving parts, the Dimplex heaters are silent when operating, making them perfect where noise would otherwise be a problem.
  • Low capital cost
    By only heating chosen areas, capital costs can be reduced with fewer heaters when compared with other systems.